Designing and Prototyping
Your Ideal Career Path



About This Talk

In our busy lives, we rarely get the opportunity to pause, take a breath, and be truly introspective. This easy to follow workshop allows attendees to do just that. By using traditional UX and design thinking methods, this workshop will help people answer some of life's most important career questions.

We'll use UX and design thinking
to answer the following questions:

What do I value most out of my professional career?

How do I identify my personal life goals?

How do I design and prototype a 5 year life plan?

About Phil Pham

Phil Pham is a product designer on UBER's driver team. Phil's design experience spans across multiple industries — including finance, technology, arts, and Fortune 500 companies. He has had the great privledge of designing for Reebok, FedEx, Harvard University, MIT, AltSchool, and State Street to name a few.



"Phil's session was the most valuable goal setting and career planning exercise I have ever done.  Phil's workshop helps you realize what motivates you, and what drains you, and gives you a way to think about maximizing the good, and minimizing the bad in every life decision you take."

-Nora Niebruegge, Product Marketing

"With a mix of personal insights and design thinking principles, Phil has put together a fantastic workshop for us creatives. Phil uses clear, guided questions and prompts to help us get more clarity around what brings meaning and joy at and outside of the office."

-Victoria Stanell, Content Strategist

"I found the workshop to be refreshing and valuable. All too often we set vague goals based on amorphous dreams. We don't take the time, and often we don't have the tools, to understand our true selves and to uncover a viable path toward achieving the right goals."

-- Shaun Lind, Product Designer